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The RightPick system is perfect for a wide range of industries, with its ability to pick and place thousands of SKUs and move items through the order fulfillment process consistently at a high rate.

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We can meet the skyrocketing demand for medications ordered online by picking quickly and accurately with integrated barcode scanning to validate orders.
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The RightPick system is scalable to keep up with demand, handling new items without any training whether your product catalog includes millions of items or a changing assortment.
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Health & Beauty
Enhance your fulfillment operation to automate the handling of higher value items that may be small and fragile, without introducing so much as a blemish.
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Configured with a wide array of continually improving skills and features, our AI-powered robots can handle your electronics with model-free picking, gentle grasping, and precise placements.
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Innovation never goes out of fashion. The RightPick item-handling system provides fast and predictable handling for packaged apparel, whether for a small percentage of your order volume or nearly all of it.
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Whether in a traditional warehouse or a micro-fulfillment facility, our piece-picking system has the smallest footprint, and can gently handle grocery items while accelerating delivery times.
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The RightPick system is a flexible and affordable automation option that offers RaaS financing in addition to capital purchase plans, with an unmatched ability to handle the widest range of items and support multiple workflows.
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The RightPick system works collaboratively around the world with logistics facility employees and existing manual or automated systems, providing businesses with a vital productivity boost.

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Start your journey to installing robotic piece-picking in your facilities with a step-by-step process on how to assess your inventory, or discover how the RightPick system can integrate with new and existing workflows, whether they are manual or automated.