The future of e-commerce order fulfillment

E-commerce revenues have grown steadily since the early 2000s with projections to surpass $1 trillion in the US alone this year. On top of that growth, COVID-19 disruptions and a shrinking overall labor force are compounding order fulfillment problems. Many companies are investing in their warehouses using automation to keep up with demand. The RightHand Robotics RightPick™ robotic piece-picking system offers one solution to meet demand, with the ability to transfer products quickly and reliably from inventory storage bins directly to outbound orders.

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Handle Millions of SKUs
The RightPick system can reliably pick and place millions of different SKUs, including products it hasn’t seen before, providing companies flexibility when product assortment and packaging designs change over time.
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High-Speed Bin Picking
Keeping pace with online order growth requires a robotic system that is fast enough to match your throughput needs. The RightPick system transfers up to 1,200 products per hour in raw speed tests, and can quickly scan barcodes as part of more complex workflows.
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24/7 Operation
Fulfillment doesn’t sleep and neither does the RightPick system, offering 24/7 autonomous order-filling capabilities. Rest easy with features like integrated exception handling, simple user interfaces and RightCare™ support service plans.

Own the Pick

The RightPick system is a full stack hardware and software robotic piece-picking platform that provides accountability for the performance you demand. You don’t want to take on a piece-picking robot DIY project where different suppliers develop and maintain the software, design the gripper, develop and manufacture the computing platform, assess safety and compliance, and provide service and support. The RightPick system truly “owns the pick,” and provides your operations group with the tools and analytics to optimize performance over time.

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Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems
Simple, standardized integration of piece-picking systems into existing automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) workflows provides e-commerce companies immediate order fulfillment productivity gains. In addition, robots added to other ASRS ports will instantly match the throughput and reliability of the ones already in production.
Sorter Induction
The RightPick solution combined with modern sorter systems, robotic or traditional, is the perfect option for inducting items from batch-picked totes, or single-SKU totes, in a “lights out” process flow for a variety of retail fulfillment workstreams. These highly modular integrations combine flexibility, portability, and scalability.
If the goods can be shipped in a mailer bag, such as for single-line orders, the RightPick system is a great option for turning these low-productivity workflows into efficient and predictable processes. When used in an auto-bagger workflow, the RightPick system offers e-commerce companies accurate order completion and staffing flexibility benefits.
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“Robotic Piece Picking solves our customers biggest challenge - how to reliably ship orders, in the midst of explosive e-commerce growth. We chose to partner with RightHand Robotics for their unmatched performance and scaled installation base. It works.”

Håvard Hallås, Chief Commercial Officer of Element Logic

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