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The RightPick™ system is ready to go to work for fulfillment center operators in multiple industries, designed for easy integration with standard APIs, documentation, and the flexibility to handle different workflows and workspaces. Check out our growing list of integrators and partners who agree it’s the reliable choice.

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The RightPick system is perfect for a wide range of industries, with its ability to pick and place thousands of SKUs and move items through the order fulfillment process consistently at high speed. RightPick helps operators set new benchmarks for meeting customer needs while supporting growth and profitability goals.

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The RightPick system eases the challenge of meeting skyrocketing demand for online ordering of medications by consistently picking products quickly and accurately, even from tightly-packed totes, with integrated barcode scanning to validate orders as part of your quality management process.
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The RightPick system is a labor productivity multiplier allowing for scaling to keep up with demand. Handling new items without any training, whether your product catalog includes millions of items or a changing assortment, RightPick is ready on day one.

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The RightPick system fills a need, whether it’s in a traditional warehouse or a micro-fulfillment facility, for high availability, reliability, and gentle item handling to compete for business in the growth areas of curbside pickup and home delivery.
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Health & Beauty
The RightPick system brings the right mix of power, speed and grace to retailers, established brands, and online upstarts. Build unique and personal customer experiences, enhancing your fulfillment operation to automate the handling of higher value items that may be small and fragile, without introducing so much as a blemish.
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The RightPick system provides predictable item handling for packaged apparel, whether for a small percentage of your order volume or nearly all of it. We believe great automation never goes out of fashion and work with our integration partners to build production solutions that scale for your business.
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The RightPick system employs an array of skills to ensure damage-free handling, from suction-only picking to gentle grasping fingers. With our model-free picking, even this year’s hot new device won’t disrupt your holiday season.
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The RightPick system is a flexible and affordable automation option that offers RaaS financing in addition to capital purchase plans. With an unmatched ability to handle the widest range of items and support multiple workflows, it’s a robot you can count on, even with your changing customer mix.
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Rightpick is already in use in Europe, Asia, and North America

RightPick works collaboratively around the world with logistics facility employees and existing manual or automated systems, providing businesses with a vital productivity boost.

Integrations & Workflows

The RightPick product seamlessly integrates with a wide range of commercial material handling and warehouse software systems to automate your existing piece-picking workflows or as part of greenfield projects. Add robotic picking to handle thousands of SKUs, fulfilling orders efficiently while improving your inventory control and quality assurance.

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How can RightPick help you?

With buying options based on a capital investment model or a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) operating expense plan, you can control your spend while leveraging productivity benefits today. Whether a retailer or integrator, RightHand Robotics understands your need to balance risk and reward for automation investments. The RightPick system provides reliable automation that integrates with the broadest mix of warehouse systems for many standard workflows and processes.

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Integration Partners

At RightHand Robotics we pride ourselves on creating an easy-to-integrate and deploy piece of the overall fulfillment process, comprised of a simple interface, intuitive performance dashboards and APIs. Integrators prefer this dependable solution to satisfy the end customers’ need for predictability over anything else.

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