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5 Key Factors to Consider to Successfully Deploy Robotic Piece-Picking

What You’ll Learn

This white paper presents five key factors to consider as part of a program to deploy robotic piece-picking.

  1. Operational Objectives
  2. Item Set (product assortment)
  3. Material Workflow
  4. Physical Workspace
  5. System Integration

While the technology is approaching plug-and-play status, it’s important to think about how you'll operationalize and use robots to maximize their benefits -- both from the perspective of how they'll interact with your team as well as how they'll integrate with your virtual warehouse execution systems.

Now is the time to automate your piece-picking processes or plan for a deployment. By doing so, you can keep ahead of the competition and continue meeting customer demands for faster fulfillment. Knowing these five factors will help position you and your business for success.

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