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Performance and Flexibility

The RightPick™ Platform

The future of e-commerce order fulfillment, combining the performance of traditional automation with the flexibility of traditional workflows.

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Piece-Picking Solutions for Predictable Order Fulfillment

The RightPick system handles the core task of picking and placing individual items as part of a wide range of fulfillment center processes. The piece-picking solution combines an intelligent gripper, a vision system, and control software with learning as a form of hand, eye, coordination providing accountability for picking success. Driven by RightPick AI, the modular system leverages machine learning across the fleet to continuously improve picking in a variety of workflows, enabling supply chain managers to predictably increase productivity in distribution centers around the world.

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Meeting the Needs of Your Operation with the 3Rs of robotic piece-picking

Pick and place millions of SKUs
Move up to 1,200 units per hour
Autonomously fill orders 24/7

Equipped to Exceed Demand with Best-In-Class Features and Capabilities

bullet point Model-free picking approach means no specific training is needed to pick your products
bullet point Multi-function smart gripper that combines sensing, suction and compliant fingers
bullet point High level of robot independence achieved by autonomous operation and integrated exception handling
bullet point Rapid implementation that works on day one and improves over time
bullet point Delivers an immediate labor productivity boost along with a compelling ROI
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