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Robot Pickability

Item Qualification

When building a business case for robotic piece-picking, the first thing to consider is how much inventory is addressable by robots. Thanks to its best-in-class gripper and fleetwide machine learning, the RightPick system can pick the widest range of SKUs with minimal to no custom engineering, reducing cost, increasing scalability, and taking into account constant changes in warehouse inventory.

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How Much of your Inventory can a Robot Pick?

A RightPick piece-picking robot first singulates an item with its suction cup, then stabilizes the item with integrated gripping through transit and placement. This singulation ensures that the robot only picks up what it wants to, but by nature requires an available surface on the item to allow a suction seal. To determine if your inventory is a good match for robotic piece-picking, consider the following characteristics:

Item Qual pickable items header 1 Robot Pickable Items

Send to robot stations:

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Minimum size

No smaller than a lip balm tube or a matchbook.

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Maximum size

No bigger than a shoebox or a jug of detergent.

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Solid surface

For a good suction seal like with a box or bottle.

Icon box

Closed lids

Boxes should be secured shut with glue or tape.

Icon weight

Maximum weight

Up to 3kg depending on the item.

Icon shirt

Tightly packed

Such as folded apparel in poly or mylar bags.

Robot item bottles
Robot item box
Robot item bag
Robot Pickable Items

Send to manual stations:

Icon machine

Size & Weight

If it requires two hands, a robot can't pick it.

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Porous surface

Suction is bad on perforated or fabric surfaces.

Icon apple

Fresh produce

Fruits and vegetables are best picked by humans.

Icon trash

Nested items

Such as food container lids that snap together.

Icon bag

Loose packaging

Lids or bags that can open easily.

Icon pen


We don't give robots knives.

Manual item bicycle
Manual item loose lid
Manual item swiss cheese

If you feel your target inventory generally falls within scope of the good examples for items to send to a robot, the next step is to consider your robot-pickable inventory on a throughput basis rather than a SKU count basis.

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How Much of your Sales Volume can a Robot Pick?

More important than the addressable portion of unique SKUs is the addressable portion of sales volume. The business case for robotic piece-picking is driven by the addressable pick count. Leveraging the robot by prioritizing fast moving, qualified SKUs drives utilization and optimizes returned value.

Target Throughput

A large portion of warehouse sales volume is commonly attributed to a proportionally small number of SKUs. A quick analysis by our Solution Design team can show how much of your throughput is addressable based on SKU-specific size, weight, and packaging flags.

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Model Free
The RightPick robots don't need to see the items before picking them. No models or pre-production training needed.
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Constant Improvement
Fleetwide machine learning improves overall efficiency and expands the robot-pickable range. The more the robots pick, the more they learn.
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Versatile Gripper
A single end-effector addresses all robot-pickable inventory, so there's no need for custom non-recurring engineering or modularity.
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Improvements made on your robots transfer immediately to new deployments and across warehouses.
SK Us pickability chart Item Qual tote with mixed SK Us 680x540 Units pickability chart

Order Profile Considerations in Solution Design

What happens when only part of an order can be picked by robots?

Item Qual order consolidation drawing

How and where to leverage robotic piece-picking depends on how the portion of addressable SKUs maps into an average order profile. Workflows dominated by single line orders are simple enough to address with robots, while a solution for partially robot-pickable multi-line orders will depend on frequency of occurrence and a warehouse’s capacity for order consolidation. Our solution designers will walk you through order analysis and workflow considerations to optimize robot utilization and simplify the surrounding flow of items.

Item Qual order consolidation drawing

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Let our experts take the unknown out of integrating the RightPick system into your warehouse. From item qualification and order analysis, through to workcell design and API communication, our team checks all the boxes to optimize robot utilization, minimize intervention, and deliver day one value to customers and warehouse operators alike.

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