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By teaming up with leading integration partners, we help you to further automate the handling of goods for predictable, resilient, and cost-effective operations at scale, making it easier for you to adopt robotic piece-picking while continuing to work with your preferred automation suppliers. Our partner program offers strategic, commercial, and technical engagement resulting in comprehensive solutions, Powered by RightHand Robotics™ award-winning RightPick™ item handling technology, tailored to meet your business objectives.
benefit image Streamlined integration
benefit image Streamlined integration
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The RightHand Robotics Partner Integrator Program is a strategic ecosystem for robotic piece-picking projects with complementary warehouse technologies and solution providers. The Program aligns business goals of system integrators, OEM technology providers, and certified robot integrator partners, offering commercial and technical engagement such that customers can build comprehensive solutions that are Powered by RightHand Robotics.

The RightPick industrial piece-picking solution combines an intelligent gripper, a vision system, and control software driven by RightPick™ AI that leverages machine learning to continuously improve picking in a variety of workflows. Generating and crunching massive amounts of data gathered from production sites across the globe, RightPick AI is the stack to count on if you’re a systems integrator. With these three elements - the hand, eye, coordination of item handling - RightHand Robotics owns the pick. System integrators can focus on overall system reliability, and leave the picking to us.

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