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The only thing better than having a great ASRS system at the heart of your ecommerce fulfillment center, is having inventory jump right into your customer orders. Now it’s possible by including the RightPickTM system, a fully autonomous item-handling machine, in your next project.



5 Key Factors to Consider to Successfully Deploy Robotic Piece-Picking

Buying a robot isn’t hard. Buying robots that help you increase fulfillment capacity, reliably, and cost-effectively is another thing entirely.

This white paper presents five key factors to consider as part of a proven, successful approach for deploying robotic piece-picking.

  1. Operational Objectives
  2. Item Set (product assortment)
  3. Material Workflow
  4. Physical Workspace
  5. System Integration

Now is the time to automate your piece-picking process. The five factors will help position you for success.

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